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Windshield Repair

In more temperate climates, windshield repair for cracks and small chips or pits can be put off for a little while as long as they are small and are not disrupting the integrity of the glass. But in Phoenix, the sun shines for nearly 4000 hours per year, and we generally only get around four to eight inches of rain per year, so the extreme climate and harsh sun will take a small amount of damage and proliferate it rapidly. One has to be proactive when it comes to auto glass repair in the Valley of the Sun. If you are not, you’ll find that one day a three-inch crack is now a four-inch crack.

Then the four-inch crack is suddenly a six-inch crack that is getting closer and closer to the edge of the windshield where the glass seals to the frame. And boom, the seal has been compromised, and you are footing the bill for an entirely new piece glass instead of an easy windshield repair that would have taken the experienced crew at Phoenix Mobile Auto Glass just 30 minutes to repair. We have a unique skill set after 15 years in the business. We can usually repair cracks 14 inches and under (depending on where they are placed) and chips and pits that are three inches across or less.

Our guys are so good at their jobs that we know your windshield will be as good as new so that we will guarantee the work for the lifetime of vehicle ownership. If you have a car, truck, or SUV that has suffered from glass damage, give our top-rated team a call for a free estimate, and they’ll answer any questions as well.

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