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Window Regulator Repair

The dry Sonoran desert air tends to wreak havoc electric window servos making the need for window regulator repair quite common. There is almost nothing more annoying than when a monsoon breaks out, and your windows just won’t roll up. We know this from experience. That is why we will send one of our mobile auto glass crews over to your residence or any other nearby location of your liking to fix your electric windows. With more than 15 years of experience, our crews can have your windows moving again in a short amount of time and best of all, affordable. We have made it our goal to be the very best auto glass shop in Phoenix, so we keep ourselves competitively priced, and we guarantee all of our work so that our customers have peace of mind.

Don’t put your friends and family through the frustration of waiting forever and a day for the car windows to roll up any longer. Wouldn’t you like to your windows to roll up quickly when you had them down to let some fresh air in but hit stand-still traffic, and it’s 90-degrees out? Give our award-worthy staff a call and simply let them know a little about the trouble you are experiencing and the make and model of your vehicle. They’ll assess the problem and get you an exact quote on the repair. Call us today.